Donations To Potato Salad Kickstarter Skyrocket Above $35,000

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By: Michael Walsh

Image Credit: New York Daily News and Archer Avenue via YouTube

Image Credit: New York Daily News and Archer Avenue via YouTube (Zack Brown Pictured)

In the salad days of crowdsourcing, anything is possible.

An Ohio man launched an absurd Kickstarter campaign for $10 so he could whip himself up a batch of potato salad — and wound up raking in more than $35,000 by Tuesday morning.

“Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet,” is the pitch that inspired thousands to reach into their wallets and back the bizarre project.

It’s only potato salad, but they like it.

So far, 59 backers have pledged $50 or more. There are still 25 days left to climb aboard.

Zack Brown, of Columbus, is offering all sorts of prizes for their generosity: hearing him say your name while making the meal, receiving a bite, getting a potato-salad themed haiku or hat, hanging out in his kitchen or receiving a potato salad recipe book.

On Sunday, he was shocked to hit the $3,000 mark. Monday, it raced to $10,000. That figure had more than tripled by Tuesday morning, when Brown appeared on “Good Morning America.”

“I was overwhelmed at the idea of making $200 worth of potato salad. So $35,000, it’s beyond words,” he said.

Brown added that he would like to do “as much good” as he can with the money.

The campaign is so successful that Brown’s kitchen isn’t large enough to hold all the potato salad enthusiasts.

“My kitchen is too small!” he wrote. “I will rent out a party hall and invite the whole internet to the potato salad party (only $10 and above will be allowed in the kitchen)! The internet loves potato salad! Let’s show them that potato salad loves the internet!!”

Some copycats have started their own campaigns for coleslaw to challenge potato salad’s apparent status as the Web’s preferred side dish.

“Basically I’m just making coleslaw. I haven’t decided what kind yet,” Danny Willford wrote, echoing Brown’s pitch.

But without the freshness of the original pitch, it’s doubtful Kickstarter backers have enough energy to get as revved up over another culinary curiosity.

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