Employers: Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy In The Hiring Process

By: Jill Reynolds, Quantix President and CEO

Employers can be their own worst enemy in the hiring process.

In the IT sector, I think we can all agree that currently, it is a candidate’s market. Most candidates have active interviews with various employers concurrently and ultimately could be choosing between multiple job offers; this scenario clearly gives the candidate an upper hand in negotiations. Not only are candidates interested in competitive salary and benefits and the latest and greatest technologies, but the interview process and corporate culture can be the tipping point for the candidate. Unfortunately, the potential employer can be their own worst enemy in attracting talent.

How does your company measure up to job seekers? Is your application process complicated or overly time consuming? Is your interview and decision making process streamlined and interactive? What about your company’s reputation in the market place? With a few clicks, an abundance of data is available to a candidate and can shape their opinion of your company.

The Interview Process:

Presently, the average length of time from job posting to accepted offer is 58 days. That is a lengthy period of time to keep a candidate engaged. In today’s competitive job market, top talent isn’t going to stay on the market long. Before you jump in and get started with candidate interviews, take the time to make sure everyone on the interview team is in agreement with the job description, candidate skill sets and qualifications. Make sure you have a well defined interview and decision making process and all parties are participating at an efficient pace. If you’ve interviewed a candidate, are you readily providing feedback or updates? If you have interest in moving a candidate through the process, it is important to promptly connect and keep the candidate informed, even if the next steps are not fully defined. To a candidate, an unresponsive employer is an uninterested employer. Don’t leave the door open for another employer to make a move on your candidate.

Image Credit: Impact Group

Image Credit: Impact Group

Your Company’s Image:

Your company has an Internet image whether you realize it or not. There are no secrets! If your organization has high turnover and your employees feel overworked, underpaid and underappreciated, the word has already spread to the job seeker. The flip side is also true, if you have a positive organizational culture, and a reputation for collaboration and appreciation, these company attributes are valued higher than benefits and compensation, although competitive salaries and incentives are still high on the candidate’s list.

A candidate’s experience starts with the application. Without defined and effective application and hiring processes, perhaps you’ve lost the perfect employee before they even apply. A candidate’s “first impression” can affect your reputation as an employer and your ability to attract top talent and ultimately, your bottom line. It pays to know understand an applicant’s experience and what they are saying about you as an employer.

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