Quantix RPO – Rethink Recruiting

By: John Hutchins, Quantix Vice President, Client Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an option that has been widely used by Fortune 500 corporations for many years. In its simplest form, it entails hiring an outside company to handle candidate sourcing, interviewing and onboarding. Done right, it can dramatically increase hiring efficiencies and costs half as much as traditional contingency staffing services. Up until now, this option has only been available to large corporations hiring hundreds of new employees on a regular basis. Quantix RPO is now offering this same option to smaller- and medium-sized organizations.

Quantix_LOGO_Motivated ye

Are you hiring for at least three positions per month? Are you having difficulty finding quality talent? Do you lose good candidates because of inefficiencies in your internal processes? Is the contingency staffing model just too expensive?

If you answered yes to any of these four questions, then you should consider Quantix RPO. The benefits include:

  • Professional and experienced recruiters who are dedicated to your organization. They adopt, implement and facilitate your unique interviewing and onboarding process. In addition to sourcing and screening candidates, they champion the internal hiring process to ensure efficient interviewing while navigating internal obstacles and bottlenecks.
  • The flexibility to ramp up or ramp down quickly. Your hiring needs change throughout the year. You may need a dedicated recruiting resource some of the time, but not all of the time. With Quantix RPO, you’ll have the flexibility and control to increase or decrease the number of dedicated recruiters on short notice while maintaining the integrity of your process.
  • Experienced support and oversight by recruiting industry experts. Quantix management has more than 55 years combined recruiter training and management experience. We’ll provide the oversight and you’ll reap the benefits by hiring quality candidates efficiently.
  • Ownership of all candidates sourced and screened. Unlike the contingency staffing model, any candidates found by the recruiters assigned to your company are your candidates. This enables you to build a database of talent from which you can pull for years to come.
  • Up to a 50% savings over comparable recruiting models. Rather than pay large fees for each start, you pay a substantially lower monthly management fee that covers the cost of the entire program.

The RPO model has been successfully utilized by Fortune 500 corporations for many years. Now, through Quantix RPO, small- to medium-sized companies have the opportunity to experience the efficiencies and cost savings it provides while finding quality talent and successfully filling positions. For more information, call Quantix RPO at 720-493-8980.

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