How to Find Top IT Talent in a “Candidates” Market – Consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as a Supplemental Hiring Strategy

By Patricia Kmezich, Director of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Anyone trying to hire qualified IT resources, today, is well aware of the recruiting challenges facing corporate recruiters and IT Managers; virtually 0% IT unemployment, difficulty finding the technical skill sets needed, multiple job opportunities simultaneously, etc.

Internal corporate recruiters confront an additional layer of complexity since they are typically tasked with recruiting for a wide variety of positions needed within their organization.  It is quite natural that they will gravitate to the easier positions to fill or, perhaps, the positions that are not as complex in an ever-changing IT world.  The end result is that many recruiters will work on “low hanging fruit” (easier to fill positions) and this will lead to many IT openings not getting the laser focused attention that is required in this extremely competitive IT marketplace.

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Many organizations, therefore, are turning to different recruiting strategies and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a model that is gaining in popularity and generating new IT recruiting successes.  The RPO model can be structured to recruit for all positions in a company or just the IT openings can be “carved out” and moved to the RPO unit.  By only transitioning the IT positions, a company can “ease” into the RPO concept and not have such a dramatic impact on the internal recruiting department.  The corporate recruiters will then be freed up to completely focus on all non-IT types of hiring needs.

Simultaneously, the RPO unit will be required to concentrate on all open IT positions due to the contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).  The dedicated recruiters are extremely experienced in searching for the highly technical IT skill sets and are required to continue the search until qualified candidates are identified for each open IT position.

In the event that the IT hiring needs are not being met within an organization, it would be worthwhile to consider a “blended” recruiting strategy – institute an RPO model for all IT positions while leveraging the internal corporate recruiters for all other open positions.

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