help wanted

By: Jill Reynolds, President and CEO, Quantix, Inc.

More and more that’s becoming the mantra with today’s employers. This is particularly the case if you are looking for high level IT talent, especially when it comes to experience with emerging business technology.

The demand for quality talent has noticeably changed, it is absolutely a candidate’s market and the best candidates have multiple offers to choose from. In assisting our clients throughout the country, we see this across the board, in every market and industry.
These market conditions affect the solutions providers greatly. As a VAR, you are only as good as the team that interfaces with your clients. Your customer facing technologists (architects and engineers) are the face of your organization to clients and prospects. As you are persuading your clients to streamline and outsource IT initiatives to your organization, the VAR, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain the talent you need to design and implement your customer solutions.

In the last 15 years, we have never seen so many “multiple-offer” situations. It is rare to find a highly experienced candidate that isn’t entertaining multiple offers. We urge our clients to act quickly, make the best offer they possibly can and stay engaged in the offer process. As we partner with our VAR clients, Quantix has become a valuable channel to the high impact talent in today’s competitive market. Our advice to our clients: when we identify the right talent for your team, be decisive. If you hesitate, the right candidate will likely be working for a competitor.

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