So many staffing companies, so many cold calls.

By:Jill Reynolds, President and CEO of Quantix, Inc.

Recently, I met with a long time client.  In the 1 hour span of our meeting, his Caller ID displayed the numbers of 3 different staffing companies.  Recruiting agencies provide a valuable service, but are all agencies valuable?  In theory, all agencies provide the same basic recruiting service: find candidates to fill the client’s open jobs.  Sounds simple, right?   Unfortunately it is not simple, if it were, there would be no need for agencies at all. 

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity for a number of strategy sessions at the executive and C-level with prospective clients regarding hiring and staffing needs.  Almost always, I’m asked “what makes Quantix different from other recruiting firms?”.  That’s not an easy questions to answer but below are a few key points; these points have been the result of feedback by our clients over the years.

Relationship:  Recruiting is a “relationship business”, both on the candidate and client side.  On the candidate side, you need to understand the personal criteria of the candidate to be sure the role you are recruiting for truly meets their criteria.  That information is not something you find in a resume or in a key word search.  On the client’s side the same is true, but with the number of VMS’s in place, understanding the wishlist of an individual hiring manager can be a challenge.  In addition to the technical skills, what about team culture and dynamics?  Is this a head’s down role or one that requires interaction with coworkers and internal or external customers. If this is a backfill, why didn’t the previous employee or contractor succeed?

Efficiency:  As recruiters, our primary role is to solve a problem for our clients: finding the right candidate.  We aren’t there just to recruit, but to provide a solution and efficiencies around their recruiting needs.  Often, in recruiting there is too much value placed on quick turn around and resume submittals and not enough emphasis on the end game, which is a successful hire for the client.  Sourcing and submitting resumes is only part of the process.  With a solution’s based approach, the focus stays on the end result, which is a hire, rather than the process. 

Candidate management: How many times have you had to deliver unexpected bad news to the hiring manager about a candidate?  The candidate went dark and you can’t get them to respond, they took another offer, their salary expectation just went off the charts, the commute is too far so they changed their minds.  Many of these things can be managed through the relational aspects mentioned previously, but not always.  Rapport building and regular communication with the candidate are a good hedge against these surprises.

Client expectations: We can’t fill every position and frank discussion about what can reasonably be delivered is so important.  This includes discussion about realistic salaries, market competition, candidate pool, etc.  And here comes the hard part, discussion about candidate feedback.  Without a commitment from the client to review and respond to the candidate submittals in a timely manner, a lot of the work we’ve put into recruiting is at risk.  While we are there to work for our clients, their participation in the process directly impacts productivity.

These are some of the key factors that I feel distinguish one staffing company from another and build real value in the service we provide to our candidates and clients.  These are the company traits at Quantix that we strive to build and maintain. As a hiring manager, the next time you get a call from a recruiter, wouldn’t it peak your interest to hear more about helping you solve your hiring problems instead of the usual line: “do you have any open jobs I can work on?”   Hopefully, when you see “Quantix ” on your caller ID, you’ll take the call.

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